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Nominees in category Computer animation:

Project name: "All the Winters I Haven't Seen"
  RPCA Pictures
Country:  Iran
Registration date: 18.06.2014 Description: Computer 3D animation.

Project name: "Position: Vacant"
Author:  Position:Vacant Team
Country:  Australia
Registration date: 18.06.2014 Description: "That wasn't in the job description." "Position: Vacant" is a quirky 3D animated short film. Produced at AIE Melbourne.

Project name: "The Hungry Corpse"
Author:  Beakus
Country:  United Kingdom
Registration date: 26.06.2014
Description: A short tale set in London's bustling, yet desolate Trafalgar Square about an ancient, rather hungry Corpse and... a Pigeon. Voiced by Bill Nighy ('Love Actually', 'Pirates of the Caribbean') and Stephen Mangan ('Green Wing') the film is a tale of companionship but also, a textural imprint of a dark, monochrome London from the perspective of a still, solitary protagonist.

Project name: "The Centipede and The Toad"
  Anna Khmelevskaya
Country:  France
Registration date:
 21.08.2014 Description: In a faraway forest, the gracious, lissome Centipede is admired by all the other creatures. Except for an old Toad, haughty and jealous, who hates him. One day, he decides to get rid of the Centipede…

Project name: "Nothing Else But Water" Author:  Carlos De Carvalho
Registration date: 22.08.2014 Description: The story takes place in Lisbon at the time of the great maritime discoveries. Explorers, looking like pigs, arrive in the harbour after a long voyage across the oceans. Everywhere in the city small groups gather and congratulate each other. They organize spontaneous round dances and celebrate their return. Meanwhile, a young pig has the strange feeling of being completely isolated from the others in his own native city...